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About Us

GOOD adj \güd\  (1) of a favorable character, desirable qualities, promoting success, or tendency

good company (2) Bountiful
good product (3) suitable, fit
good to use
(4) agreeable, pleasant
have a good time (5) salutary, wholesome
good for swimming (6) well-founded, cogent
good reason
(7) adequate, satisfactory
good concern
(8) virtuous, right, commendable
a good company (9) true
holds good for society at large (10) deserving of respect, honorable
in good standing (11) commercially sound
a good risk (12) can be relied on
good for the money

CLEAN SWIMMING POOL SERVICES is a healthy company. Enriching and improving the life of our customers is standard. Our goal is to leave our customer’s residence knowing they find us reliable and first rate accountable believing we are extremely client centered. We work in collaboration with our customers, listening to every service oriented point. Join our clientele whom have made us their provider of choice with sound integrity.

CLEAN adj \klēn\ (1) free from dirt, contamination, or pollution

clean pools (2) unadulterated, pure
the clean thrill of swimming (3) deftly executed: skillful
clean plumbing technique
(4) characterized by clarity & precision: trim
a clean style (5) even, smooth
a clean finish (6) habitually neat
always leaves the job clean

CLEAN SWIMMING POOL SERVICES is ethical and transparent (open, honest, and accountable). Employee and customer satisfaction are what create backyard enjoyment. We share what we know so pool owners can enjoy their investment. Create backyard memories with us. We are from the country and love our community.

FUN noun \fən\ (1) what provides amusement or enjoyment

full of fun
(2) pleasant
have a fun time

CLEAN SWIMMING POOL SERVICES is a young dynamic company that takes great pride in its work with reliable professional team members. Our philosophy is to give attention to every little detail that goes into each and every pool allowing us the privilege of satisfying the most discerning clientele. The vision was, and is, to give pool owners and desired pool owner’s relief that their investment will be valued by our team just as much as the home owner.

CLEAN SWIMMING POOL SERVICES enjoys working outside the box to keep our company invigorating through multi- interfaced contact and thorough follow-up. Together, with our clientele, families will be entertained with luxurious lasting memories.

At CLEAN SWIMMING POOL SERVICES, we make a commitment to you and stand behind our product. We are able to address all of a swimming pool owner’s needs and problems, be it an instruction on pool care or a major remodeling project. We feel this is very important if we are to be of maximum service to our customers. Service after the sale is a phrase a lot of organizations use, but we make the commitment. We are the only company in our area to go beyond building your swimming pool by maintaining, repairing, and having a retail store to fit your swimming pool needs. You will never have to be channeled through a chain of command to receive warranty service or help of any kind. In our company the service after the sale is just as important as the finished product.

We invite you to call our customers, get their impressions and look at our quality. You will see that having a pool installed, remodeled, repaired, or maintained by CLEAN SWIMMING POOL SERVICES will be a good experience, during the process and afterward as well.

  We sponsor the Wilson County Swim Team

We give special thanks to all of our troops.
We are praying for your safe return.
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